As technology advances, robotics is becoming an increasingly important tool across industries to enhancing efficiency, productivity and safety in the workplace. Whether you’re interested in automation solutions, cobots, autonomous mobile robots or automated guided vehicles, we’ve got you covered with the latest news, trends, and expertise in the world of robotics.

Starting Robotics

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Advanced Robotics

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Benefits of Robotics

Better product quality

Being programmed for precise, repetitive motion, robots are reliable and deliver consistent product quality, contributing to sustainable production of innovative products.

Improved Safety

Robots can perform dangerous tasks that are too hazardous for humans, reducing the risk of workplace injuries and fatalities

Cost Savings

Robotics can lower costs by improving safety and handling dangerous, dirty, or repetitive tasks. 24/7 operation leads to higher productivity and reduced downtime.

Increased Efficiency

Robots increase productivity and output while reducing the potential for human error by performing repetitive tasks with precision and speed.

Content Hub

IFR - International Federation of Robotics

IFR is a non-profit organization connecting the global robotics community. With over 90 institutional members from more than 20 countries our mission is to increase awareness of the positive impact of robotics on society, enhance accessibility and interaction with robotics, and enable to leverage trends and advancements to create a better life for all.